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Memory Game: Volume 1 & 2

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The Catholic Words Memory Match card game will provide parents, grandparents, teachers, homeschoolers, catechists and youth ministers a fun way to help teach Catholic vocabulary words.

Use the match cards as flash cards by downloading our FREE companion words definition PDF.
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Instilling a love and reverence for the faith should begin at an early age. These cards will help do just that!

Watch your little one’s excitement at Mass when they recognize the vessels, objects and vestments used in the liturgy. Introducing these words will help prepare them to receive the Sacraments and inaugurate a lifelong journey of learning about the wonders of their Catholic faith.

Like the popular game Concentration, the object of Catholic Words Memory Match is to turn over matching pairs of cards. Each deck has 52 2.5” x 3.5” (64mm x 89mm) cards—that’s 26 pairs of bright and colorful illustrations created just for this game. The images and text make it fun to practice reading and word recognition.

Cards for Volume 1 include:

1. Altar
2. Altar Bells
3. Altar Candles
4. Ambo
5. Baptismal Font
6. Baptismal Shell
7. Book of the Gospels
8. Chalice
9. Chasuble
10. Ciborium
11. Confessional
12. Crucifix
13. Cruets
14. Holy oils
15. Holy Water Font
16. Host
17. Miter
18. Monstrance
19. Paten
20. Pew
21. Sanctuary Lamp
22. Stations of the Cross
23. Stole
24. Surplice
25. Tabernacle
26. Thurible

The cards for Volume 2 include:

1. Advent Wreath
2. Alb
3. Ambry
4. Aspergillum
5. Aspersorium
6. Biretta
7. Cassock
8. Cincture
9. Collection Basket
10. Corporal
11. Credence Table
12. Crosier
13. Dalmatic
14. Hymnal
15. Lavabo Set
16. Missal Stand
17. Mozzetta
18. Offering Box
19. Pallium
20. Palm Branches
21. Paschal Candle
22. Presider’s Chair
23. Pyx
24. Rosary
25. Votive Candle
26. Zucchetto



Use these game cards as flash cards by downloading a FREE companion 12-page, full-color printable PDF with definitions and real-world pictures of all 66 Match Game objects. Develop a lesson around the cards. Read the definitions and discuss where the objects are seen at your parish and in the home. Take the cards with you to church and point out the items before or after Mass. When you get back home, let the games begin! Catholic Words Memory Match is an addictive way to learn new Catholic vocabulary words!


Our cards are printed on 350GSM paper. What’s that? GSM stands for “Grams per Square Meter” and indicates the paper’s thickness—the higher the GSM, the heavier the paper. Playing cards used in casinos, for example, are made from 310 GSM paper. Ours is thicker. In addition, our cards are finished off with a protective UV (Ultra Violet) coating that will stand up to spills and preserve the cards for years to come.

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5 reviews for Memory Game: Volume 1 & 2

  1. Christine (verified owner)

    I bought these for a junior high religion class, for them to get acquainted with the vocabulary. Excellent service, and the product is just what I was looking for.

  2. Amy

    Bought both sets of memory cards for my kiddos for Christmas and they love them! Everyone from 3-18 years old played and had fun! Can’t wait to give the extra sets to my friend’ s family. Also, ordering was super easy and they were very pleasant and helpful😊
    I will definitely share this website and with our parish school and all my friends! Thank you!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Thank you so much Amy!

  3. Dian Burroughs

    arrived safe and fast even at the end of season thank you for wonderful gifts for all at church

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Thank you so much for your comment! I can’t believe these cards are in Hawaii!

  4. Annette (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these cards! The kids in my tween youth group rush to be the first ones to get to our meetings so they can start playing memory using the decks. I insist that they read the word/name of the object when they turn the card over so they get the terms in their heads. We talk about what the unfamiliar things are and who uses them during the Mass. They all want their parents to get them sets for home. Great product!

    • dan

      Thanks so much Annette. I am so humbled that something I created is helping pass along the faith to the next generation.

  5. Fr Richard Laurenson (verified owner)

    Hi Dan the cards arrived intact and looking good. Thanks very much.
    Put to use already with our little children who attend the RCIA classes for kids but need babysitting rather than “teaching”.
    Well Done

    • dan

      Thanks Fr. Laurenson! So happy the cards are in New Zealand!

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